Monday, May 31, 2010

Talk about having an old friend for dinner...

Elizabeth and I lived in Portland, OR before moving to Seattle. Among our oldest and best friends there are David Delamare and Wendy Ice. David is a painter. Wendy is president of their joint venture, Bad Monkey Productions (, and thus is David's manager, publicist, agent, and creative consultant. (She's also occasionally David's co-author and is one of his former models. Find their book Animerotics: A Forbidden Cabaret and you'll see her on the cover. She'll probably always remind me of Louise Brooks, just one of her numerous sterling qualities.)

Together they have built both a love and a business partnership without either one getting seriously injured by kitchen implements or office supplies. They are among our dearest friends and our life is a finer feast because of them.

Now that "finer feast" is a step closer to being literally true. As of this week, David is a restaurant menu theme in the Hamptons — the Last Hope Lagoon Restaurant and Wine Bar in Montauk Beach, NY. David's commercial specialty is his mermaid paintings, and the restaurant is right on the ocean (plus "Delamare" means "from the sea"), so the Last Hope features over 60 of David's prints and most of the menu items are named for his paintings or the characters in his books.

If you find yourself in Montauk, stop by and report back here. Wendy tells us that "The Delamare" is their best-selling sandwich.

You can find more menu page shots among David's Facebook Photos (viewable depending on his privacy settings and Facebook's seemingly capricious whims).

Congrats — and good eats — to David and Wendy. I hope we'll clink glasses and sample each other's desserts there someday.

David, by the way, provided the cover for my short fiction collection Mars Dust & Magic Shows. And his original Cheshire Cat painting from his current Alice in Wonderland project is hanging here in my living room, grinning at me as I type.

Music: Philip Glass, "Heroes" Symphony
Near at hand: Kai's favorite stuffed toy, just returned from the front yard.