Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The first 15 were so good, let's go for another

Tomorrow, Elizabeth and I will enjoy our 15th anniversary. Thought I'd show you what I got her.

First, a little context:

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Now, unless you know me personally, the ♥ may need further context. You can find that via this blog's first entry from March 17, "Rebooting." From there you'll find links to LiveJournal posts from me and Elizabeth regarding the should-have-been uncomplicated heart surgery that nearly killed me several times over, placed me in a weeks-long coma, pushed me into months of recovery from complete muscle atrophy, and, well, rebooted my life after an unexpected systems crash.

It's a story that ended only today, in fact. This morning I returned from the hospital with a coronary stent, a "fix of the fix" that should put right what went horribly wrong last July 10 (which was — can you believe it? — my birthday).

I'm pleased to report that our anniversary tomorrow, and my next birthday one month later, are expected to offer up only pleasant surprises. (And hey, I'm working on a short film screenplay inspired by the freaky hallucinatory dreams I had under coma sedation.)

It's good to be alive, isn't it?

Music: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, Ella & Louis Again
Near at hand: A glass of pretty good pinot grigio.