Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For the Love of Film (Noir): a week-long, multi-platform blogathon

Go to Ferdy on Films and spend too much time (which will actually feel like not enough time) supporting the second film preservation fundraising event, For the Love of Film (Noir): The Film Preservation Blogathon:
"This year, the Film Noir Foundation is our special valentine, and they've honored us by earmarking our funds for a very special film: The Sound of Fury, aka Try and Get Me (1950), with blacklisted director Cy Endfield at the helm, and starring Lloyd Bridges and Frank Lovejoy. A nitrate print of the film will be restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive, using a reference print from Martin Scorsese’s personal collection to guide them and fill in any blanks. Paramount Pictures, which now owns the film, has agreed to help fund the restoration, but FNF is going to have to come up with significant funds to get the job done. That’s where we come in."

Go there, browse, click links, and donate if you can. Like last year, there are more good-to-excellent film bloggers represented than you can shake Joel Cairo at, all of them active contributors to the diverse, intelligent, often illuminating web-wide conversation about movies and moviedom and the folks who love it.