Thursday, April 28, 2011

For your consideration — "Abandoned in the midst of infinite possibilities" edition

Glenn Erickson (a.k.a. DVD Savant and all-around ace fellow) is just one of the bloggers at the TCM Classic Film Fest, which starts today. Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule and Movie Morlocks are there too. Live coverage is here.

Sex Ed, Cthulhu Style — Craig Macneill and Clay McLeod Chapman's 2005 Sundance-selected short film, "Late Bloomer."

Is Stephen Moffat Tearing Apart the Fabric of Fiction?Doctor Who meta neepery.

Overthinking It: The Economics of Death Star Planet Destruction — "What's the economic calculus behind the Empire's tactic of A) building a Death Star, B) intimidating planets into submission with the threat of destruction, and C) actually carrying through with said destruction if the planet doesn’t comply?"

Guerres des étoiles existentielles — a.k.a. Sartre Wars — What if Jean-Paul Sartre had written Star Wars? [via Dangerous Minds] —