Sunday, May 8, 2011

For your consideration — "Hi, mom" edition

Matt Zoller Sietz (always worth a click): The movies that truly understand motherhood Two Museums Buy That Really Cool, Real-Time, 24-Hour Movie Clip Montage, "The Clock"

Movie Morlocks: Modern Movie-Going Punishments — Yes. This. Why the Temple of Dude, which is right downstairs with a bar and a fridge and a fireplace and a comfy sofa, is my favorite cinema ever.

Bardfilm: Rare Footage of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet

Sunset Gun (Kim Morgan): Adam and Eva, Hot and Hedy: Ecstasy

Screening the Past: Kimberly Lindbergs on the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers collab, The Party, which I also got groovy with in this post from February.

Huffingtonpost: 'The Family Corleone': 'Godfather' Prequel By Mario Puzo Set To Become Book

Smithsonian Channel via A.V. Club: The Real Story: James Bond (full episode)

And finally, Soylet Green is horse treats!