Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funny 'cuz it's true

Today I was invited to a free preview screening of Ryan Reynolds' The Change-Up. Yeah, seriously. I'll go, but only if they float his skeleton over the audience like William Castle's House on Haunted Hill.

Every review of Transformers 3 reads like the set-up of a joke that starts "HOW BAD WAS IT?" For full effect use Gilbert Gottfried's voice.

With Glenn Beck's show over, maybe now he'll go on Letterman to prove that he was Andy Kaufman the whole time by letting Jerry Lawler punch him in the face.

No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits — the same movie?
This year is bringing us two movies about attractive young friends — one male, one female — who don't want a relationship but want to have no-strings sex with each other; each movie starring a would-be ballerina from Black Swan. While I'm not planning to see either one, it appears that I don't have to.

Blind Film Critic via Popcorn & Prejudice