Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For your consideration — "Rom-coms at 20,000 feet" edition

Wired: July 19, 1961: Fasten Your Seatbelts, By Love Possessed Will Begin Shortly — Wired commemorates the 50th anniversary of in-flight movies.

Nerve.com: Bouncing off this summer's success of The Trip, here's a list of The Ten Best Films With No Plot. (I'd add Robert Altman's MASH.) I posted about The Trip here.
Aside: Yes, it's a good list, but can we, the collective Internet, agree that personal, subjective lists labeled "The [x] Best..." or "Worst" anything (especially "... Ever") is a fixation that has run its course? Please. I can name the ten best reasons why this is so.

io9: Secrets of Another Earth, the Science Fiction Movie that Rocked Sundance (minor spoilers) — See this movie. My own post on Another Earth is here.

The Guardian: The genius of Douglas Trumbull — "He blew minds with SFX work in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and he's doing it again in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life. In a rare interview, we catch up with a true visionary."

Moira Macdonald (Seattle Times): A summer reading list -- for the movies

Mythical Monkey: The Essential Cary Grant (A Baker's Dozen)

Glenn Erickson: Great Groucho's ghost! The legendary disaster Skidoo is finally on DVD. GreenCine Daily dubbed it DVD of the week.

So is Rango, which GreenCine Daily reminds me I'd like to see again.

Bardfilm: Macbeth: Something Robotic This Way Comes — "A new version of Macbeth may be coming... The twist this time involves an all-robot cast. Shakespeare's text will be retained, though the setting will be altered to 'a Cyber Scotland,' according to Daniel Gallagher, its creator."

Movie Morlocks (TCM): My classic movie gratitude list

Jim Emerson (Scanners) -- About this whole Netflix pricing thing... — What he said.

The Onion: Sadly, Gift Certificate To Loews Cinemas Perfect Gift For Area Man

io9 again: 10 Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Lines from Science Fiction and Fantasy

Also io9: Everything You Need to Know about Disney's John Carter Movie — As someone who enjoyed those pulpy old Edgar Rice Burroughs' books as a kid, I'm curious (and cautiously optimistic) about this one.

Via The New Yorker