Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once upon a Portland

Hollywood has a hard time shooting a movie worth a damn in Portland, Oregon*, my and Elizabeth's previous home town. However, some fine new TV is being set and shot there with enough frequency that we have friends who get in quality time as extras during shooting. "Portlandia" and "Leverage" are two of the more obvious examples.

Last night Elizabeth and I caught the pilot of NBC's new series "Grimm" (think "Buffy" meets "CSI"). We enjoyed it quite a lot, and it may just have real legs. One fun moment came when our heroes went into "Berkeley Park," identifying it by name and showing a glimpse of the actual Berkeley Park sign. "Hey, they're near our old house!" we exclaimed, the park being three blocks from our former address. Then our intrepid monster-finders entered the park and the scene cuts to deep, dark fairy-tale woods stretching for miles.

"My, the city has really let the place go," we observed of the erstwhile ball field.

* Thank you, Gus Van Sant, for raising the bar.