Friday, November 4, 2011

I approve of your taste in 1960s movies, Senator

According to my Sitemeter stats, about an hour ago as I type this, someone landed on my feature post about the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers movie The Party by Googling up claudine longet ted kennedy.

Who's taking time during an undoubtedly busy work day to blogsurf the movie's waifish songstress and her connection with the late Senator Kennedy?* Sitemeter tells me it was someone from domain name (U.S. Government) / ISP: U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms.

Better yet, whoever it was (the actual current Senate Sergeant at Arms?) clicked through to my Fantastic Voyage post and then out-clicked on this image of Raquel Welch.

And apparently D.C. federal employees use Microsoft WinNT with Internet Explorer 8.0.

* Actually, there was a marginal but historically interesting connection between them.