Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Sci in our Fi, no. 2

As an addendum to this post, here's director Duncan Jones chatting with The High Bar's Warren Etheredge about his films Moon and Source Code, on the occasion of Source Code's preview screening. A self-described fan of hard science fiction, Jones discusses the use of scientific concepts ("hard," "soft" and "gray area" science fiction) in his two "out of the park" films so far. Also on the table are such topics as working with his screenplay writers, storytelling in the age of CGI and 3D, cutting-edge real-world sci-fi-like technologies, his recommendations for science fiction reading and "one great underrated sci-fi movie," and the prospects for his third film — including new technology he's hoping to use.

As usual with Warren's interviews, this casual chinwag is more spontaneous and enjoyable, and goes deeper, than your average press junket.

The High Bar w/ Warren Etheredge & Duncan Jones from The High Bar on Vimeo.