Friday, August 5, 2011

That's "Air Commodore" Bourne to you, mate

Next month, Elizabeth and I will be spending a week and a half in London. A pleasure trip with some business mixed in, I hope.

On our itinerary is catching the current production of Dr. Faustus at Shakespeare's Globe. Last night we secured our tickets well in advance. (Good thing too, as those tickets are moving like a bat out of Mephistopheles' front door.)  In so doing, we registered a new account at the Globe's website. There I noticed the dropdown list of titles/honorifics you can choose to apply to your name. No big deal, lots of sites have such a list. Yes, they do. Nonetheless, this was their list:

Elizabeth is now, I believe, Countess of Seattle.

Yep, that's Arthur Darvill, Doctor Who's serially deceased "Rory Williams" as Mephistopheles. And may I say, Oh hell yeah.