Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Alaskan Malamute in Seattle (part 1)

Of course there are inconveniences that arrive with any massive dump of snow so large that the nearby Starbucks corporate HQ officially approves two new seasonal coffee beverages: the Shackleton (a low-low-fat white mocha that never makes it back to your home) and the Donner Party Half-Calf (tastes like chicken). But there was one member of our household who loved the whole experience down to his DNA: our dog Kai.

In his cool equanimity, he proved that this was no "Snowpocalypse," no "Snowmaggedon." In fact, I hope that both examples of lingua hysterica will now be banished from the Tiresome Media Freakout lexicon.

After all...
... it's just snow.

Still pretty damn cold, though.

On the other hand...
... the neighborhood kids are out playing.
And that short beefy child looks a lot like Jack London.