Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear San Francisco, it's so nice to be in you again

Light posting lately. One reason is that Elizabeth and I have been (and are) back in San Francisco for another business/pleasure trip.

In lieu of a real post, here are some random thoughts I've jotted down while here:

  • Fave thing about San Francisco #42: The number of people you pass on the street who look like characters in a movie or novel set in San Francisco.
  • From the Fillmore-area house that's becoming our regular SF pied-à-terre, we set out for wine with the manager in his Seven Sisters house, which will be a setting in Elizabeth's next novel. Bourbon and cigars with Dashiell Hammett afterward.
  • From notes for next theatrical production, based on current lodgings: Genre - musical comedy. Title - There's Something About a Bidet. Consider "Dancing Fountains" number in second act.
  • While researching her novel, a murder mystery set in San Francisco in the 1920s, Elizabeth guided us up Telegraph Hill to seek out the site of Edwin Booth's cottage. Why? because according to public records he complained about the gravel quarry that, before his death in 1893, was eating away the hill so deeply it threatened to landslide his house into the bay. The quarry was still there in the '20s, so Elizabeth decides there's a great place to ditch a body. Also while there, I noted that anyone high up Telegraph Hill in 1906 would have had an astounding view of the earthquake and subsequent fire devastating the city below. As a reminiscence from a character, that's now going into the novel.
With Elizabeth and Jacques Tati back at Cafe Zoetrope (owned by Francis Ford Coppola).