Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More reimagined movie posters

I am quite liking this trend.

Last October, the New York Times served up a piece on Mondo, "an offshoot of the Austin, Tex., theater chain Alamo Drafthouse. It commissions artists to design alternative versions of posters for films considered cult or genre pictures." Before that, Wired gave some feature attention to a number of the artists I link to below.

I could click through Mondo Archive and Reelizer ("The fine art of film art") all day. And I want to write books just so Olly Moss can do the cover art.

Alex Kittle  (via Fuck Yeah, Movie Posters!)

Joel Amat Güell at unHollywood

Bart van Ackooij

Eye Noise via Alamo Draft House | Reelizer

Jason Munn via Mondo Archive (If there's already a classic of the form, that Bonnie and Clyde art is it.)

Olly Moss via Mondo Archive

Nick Hollomon via Rectangular Film via Collections | Reelizer

Oliver Barrett via The Astor Theater | Reelizer

Laz Marquez via Hitchcock Re-Envisioned | Reelizer

Martin Ansin via Universal Monsters | Reelizer

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