Sunday, March 21, 2010

Archeo-architecture dig at Shakespeare's "New Place" home

I would love to be there to see this in progress. Then again, I suppose I could be, given that it's open to tourists at £12.50 for a look-see (plus "£11.50 for concessions"). Long way from Seattle to Stratford, however.

A further trench will explore the area thought to have been his pantry and brewery, and one quarter of the 19th Century knot garden will be dug – into what would have been Shakespeare’s backyards. This is where archaeologists believe they might find defunct wells, filled in with refuse and waste when they ceased to be used.

The notion of Shakespearean coprolites is a tad unnerving. Although that may finally reveal, whether we like it or not, what the great man did with those missing pages of Cardenio.

Music: Sondheim, Company (2007 revival)
Near at hand: Shakespeare bobblehead doll